How to Get Rodents Out of a Wall

Having a rodent infestation can be a real pain in the neck. What good can it bring? None. Not even a single advantage of having them around. They are like unwanted guests. Except they raise hell and poop everywhere.

If you think you have a rodent nesting in your wall, then you better hurry up and take action as quickly as you possibly can. Because these things damage your property way faster than you think. Not just that, they pose health risks as well. Many times, the owners realize their wall is being inhibited by rodents long after it starts. But in this article, youll learn how to prevent that, also how to remove the rodent.

First signs of infestation

If you see a rodent, it could be living in your house. If you hear a rodent, it could be living in your house. If you smell a rodent, it could be living in your house. If you see a rodent running around in your house and suddenly disappear somewhere in your wall, there is a 200% chance it is nesting there.

If you hear sounds such as scratching, squeaking, or running coming somewhere from inside a wall, then this will also indicate the presence of the rodent. If a rodent is residing inside your wall, it will also leave its droppings there. Sooner or later they will start building up and cause the place to stink. And eventually, youll notice a foul smell coming from inside your wall.

How to locate a rodent

If any of the aforementioned conditions occur, then youd have to pinpoint the exact location of the rodents nest to extract it. The place where rodents are nesting will, of course, have a pile of droppings nearby, or youll hear the rodents screeching from there. So these are the only clues we have to find where they are.

There isnt much rocket science or any technology used to locate the rodent. Youd have to use your sense of hearing and sense of smell. Start smelling the walls of a certain room where you doubt the rodent might be, and narrow the area down to a single spot on the wall. Only start the extraction process if you are dead sure the rodent is there. If youre not, call a professional.

How to remove the rodent

Once you're aware of the exact location of the rodent, make a small hole in the wall about a square inch or so. If you find the rodent or even its nest, then you are at the right place. Place traps in that area to capture the rodent when it arrives. Remove the nest and the droppings.

Precautionary measures

Carry out this process with care; remember, every rodents droppings can be dangerous if touched or inhaled. So make sure to wear gloves and a mask before you do that.

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